Item #32146 Petite histoire un peu sainte. [Issued as O 58]. Robert Filliou.

Petite histoire un peu sainte. [Issued as O 58]

Forcalquier: Robert Morel, 1969. First edition. Each page is a disc of paper 60 mm. in diameter. The pages are punched and held together with a ring. Mostly printed on one side only. The title is continued over several pages. Item #32146

"A remarkable work of poetry from Robert Filliou; "half-sacred," with a series of figures linked in causal procession: Man before woman before temptation before apple, before snake, fish, sea, flood, rain, clouds, wind, seasons, Earth, sun, sky, stars, night, moon, day, King, people, dream, sleep, hope, fear, war, peace, prophet, faith, god, devil, and death. "La foi, / la foi croyait avant / dieu, / dieu pleurait avant / le diable, / le diable ricanait avant / la mort, / la mort / c'est le passé de l'homme." Bound in an eternal ring, the sequencing from disc to disc is more deliberate and fateful than it would've been as codex. An essential --and somehow overlooked -- moment in the history of the artist book." --, viewed December 12, 2019.

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