Proceedings of the Hawaiian Legislature, Session of 1886. [Bound with] The Grand Duke of Gynbergdrinkenstein [and] The Gynberg Ballads

Honolulu,1886; San Francisco, 1887. The three works are bound together in modern half leather, with cloth sides. The Proceedings is bound without wrappers and advertisements, the mounted photograph of the legislature with its printed key is inserted; "The Gynberg Ballads" is bound without wrappers, between the other two titles. Also bound in is a 2-page 1927 letter of presentation from William W. Goodale to Allen Nowell, both active in the Hawaiian sugar industry in the 19th and 20th centuries. Goodale writes: "I am sending you the copy of the report of the 1886 term of the legislature as an addition to your collection of Hawaiiana. The folly of the king, his advisers and the members of the legislature made up to a great extent of tax assessors and collectors, sheriffs and deputy sheriffs and personal friends of the king did much to bring about the trouble in 1887 and later, finally culminating in the overthrow of the monarchy..." Goodale goes on at some length about the two pamphlets, identifying the characters in "The Grand Duke...." more fully than in the note quoted by Forbes. "The two most famous satirical pamphlets of the Kalakaua era," (Forbes), bound with the often amusingly written account of the legislative session which they (in part) satirized. Forbes 3768, 3851,3867. Item #32990

Price: $4,000.00