Typed letter signed, to John H. Birss

New York: October 8, 1945. One page, with Shelton Hotel envelope. Thanking Birss for the gift of his privately issued Hart Crane pamphlet "Two Letters". "It is fine to know that those few of us who do feel the admiration of Crane, feel it earnestly. It has always seemed to me that an odor [sic] death is blowing through Crane's usual rival, Eliot, while through Crane there is the salt wind of life always knocking you harshly in the face... I suppose you can't deny some technical superiority in Eliot, but if it is necessary to make a choice between the two, for me hesitation would be out of the question.... I wish that I had had your letters before I went [to Mexico] so that I could have visited, sentimentally, Crane's old house in Mixcoac...." Williams spent the summer of 1945 in Mexico, working on "A Streetcar Named Desire." which used as epigraph a phrase from According to his Memoirs, Williams specified in his will that he be buried at sea near the probable site of Crane’s bones. Item #32790

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