[Black Mountain College] Counseling with Returned Servicemen. Carl Rogers, John L. Wallen.

[Black Mountain College] Counseling with Returned Servicemen

New York: McGraw-Hill, 1946. First edition. Gray cloth, in lightly worn dust jacket. Scarce. Item #32439

"John L. Wallen [was] an educator and a pioneer in the fields of emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication. As Chinmaya & Vargo state in their 1979 paper on Wallen 'Many people who conduct interpersonal relations laboratories have been influenced by the ideas of John Wallen, a social psychologist from Portland, Oregon. He has written a number of papers which identify the sources of difficulty in communication. In these writings, Wallen focuses on the process of communication, not the underlying motives, drives, traits, attitudes, or personality characteristics of the individual. Wallen's ideas are easily understandable to laymen and professional alike.'

After graduating from Harvard College in 1940, he earned advance degrees in psychology at Ohio State University, Harvard University and the University of Oregon. Dr. Wallen taught at the University of Maryland and Black Mountain College in North Carolina before moving to Oregon in 1948. . . . Unfortunately, Wallen's only known published work was the co-authored book, "Counseling with Returned Servicemen," with Carl Rogers in 1946.

He authored numerous unpublished papers, including "The Interpersonal Gap" in 1967. Wallen primarily taught his theories in academic settings (he was training educators). He did so prior to the age of computers. At the time he was of the opinion that "if his ideas are useful, they will spread through personalized channels of communication.” Specifically, he wanted educators to feel free to mimeograph his work and distribute copies. With this in mind, he avoided publishing or copyrighting his work. While this unorthodox approach allowed educators to freely distribute his mimeographed works, it also hampered the spread of his theories outside of the circle of his immediate colleagues in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States," (Wikipedia). The increasing demand for counseling, after the end of the war, led the authors' to prepare this training manual, which documents the use of person-centered psychological counseling working with returned military. Carl Rogers, of course, became one of the most renowned psychologists of the century.

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