The Gospel of Mary...Translation by Karen King. With Commentaries by Rosemary Radford Ruether

Newark, VT: The Janus Press, 2006. Vasn Vliet, Claire. First edition. One of 150 numbered copies signed by Claire Van Vliet, the binder, and the printer (the entire edition). Set in Adobe Neue Hammer Unciale and Monotype Plantin, and printed on calendered Barcham Green Boxley with the assistance of Andrew Miller-Brown, the cover and center piece were pulp painted by Claire van Vliet with Katie MacGregor in Whiting, Maine, who also made the pop-up papers. Audrey Holden executed the woven binding with Barcham Green Cairo with boxes in DeWint by Holden, birch trays by Richard Holmquist. 4to, printed decorations, pop-up centerpiece of colored papers on a base sheet pulp painted by Van Vliet, original wrappers pulp painted as a cloud also by Van Vliet, publisher's clamshell box with Baltic birch stays. Very fine copy."The Gospel of Mary is a fragment of a Gnostic gospel of early second century Christianity that focuses on Mary Magdelene as the 'beloved disciple' of Christ who specially understands his message and conveys her understanding of this to the male disciples." Item #32175

Price: $1,000.00