Einstain Art & Graphic Design Project. Juke/19. Shinro Ohtake, Takui Nomoto.

Einstain Art & Graphic Design Project. Juke/19

Tokyo: [1979?]. 26 x 18 cm, sheet unfolds to 16 panels (71 X 104 cm.), large photomontaged and found image design black on recto, by Ohtake and green on white abstract 'lettering' on verso, by Takui Nomoto, printed on thick white stock, one edge mistakenly cut.

Ohtake is a multimedia artist working in punk music, noise, industrial and graphic design and the book arts. He lived in London for a time where he collaborated with Dome. He designed the dust jacket for William Burroughs' 'Queer', album art for Bill Laswell's band Praxis in the 1990s, and line drawings taken from Avedon's photoportraits. 'Juke/19' was a a punk project that ran between 1979-1982. This item is a very densely packed collage that is almost entirely made up of material from the English speaking world. Ohtake produced an extensive series of art books since the 1980s, and had a retrospective in 2006 at MOCA, Tokyo. Item #28809

Price: $450.00